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FAST Professional Services
FAST Professional Services operates under one simple, yet profound mandate: The measure of our success or failure is the satisfaction and success of our clients. To this end, we work in partnership with clients to meet their key business goals and objectives. In addition, fundamental to our Professional Services effort is the cultivation of strong value-based client/ business relationships throughout the North American construction industry.

FAST’s team of consultants and trainers draw from a broad cross-section of occupational and educational industry experience in order to deliver consulting services that make a difference. Our extensive industry reach and expertise directly benefits homebuilders. Consultants provide organizational assistance with procedures that optimize the FAST ERP system while streamlining resource effectiveness. On-site workshops and training is customized to each client’s needs and experience level — from FAST 101 basics to enterprise-wide corporate business analyses.

By partnering with FAST Professional Services, builders create a relationship that allows them to best evaluate all facets of their organization for strategic improvement and increased margins. Professional Services assists in assessing best business practices to meet builder challenges, and provide training necessary to efficiently utilize FAST’s software technologies. This strategic advantage affords FAST clients the opportunity to easily implement tools that not only make life easier, but increase profitability.

Contacting Professional Services

Telephone (425) 885-9970 option 4
Fax (425) 881-9170
Email Consult@TFMG.com
Hours You can reach the FAST Professional Services Group Monday through Friday, between the standard business hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Pacific Time.